11 May 2009

Charter a Gulfstream 3 to Moscow by Mark Fleischmann

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This a beautiful Gulfstream 3 Heavy Jet

This a beautiful Gulfstream 3 Heavy Jet

Did you ever think of taking a private jet to Moscow?   This is very exciting!  The private airport in the vicinity of NYC is Teterboro and is a short distance from Manhattan.  The distance to Moscow from Teterboro on a Gulfstream 3 private jet is approximately 4700 miles and will take 9 hours.   A luxury heavy jet like a Gulfstream 3 will seat between 11-15 passengers and has approximately 157 cubic feet for luggage.  This beautiful heavy jet will fly at 550 MPH and has a range of 4000 miles.


There are many things to see while in Moscow.  Here is a list of the historic sites. There is Red Square, The Kremlin, Cathedral of the Assumption, and  Ivan the Great Bell Tower!  The Bolshoi Theatre is  definately worth seeing as well as the Moscow Metro  which is adorned  with valuable artworks and marble facades!   

Just make sure your passports are current and enjoy the amazing  jet ride to Moscow!  

For a competitive private jet quote  please contact Mark Fleischmann.  He can be reached by email at  His website is

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